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"Smooth going over rocks and roots, nothing breaks your momentum. The THRON’s 120 mm suspension is moderate and balanced; you’ll reach your speed instantaneously.
You can make your adventure last longer with power assist or reach your destination in record time at a maximum speed of 45 km/h; the choice is yours! Full speed or maximum enjoyment, the THRON simply offers more."

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In the big electric mountain bike test in the 2016 issue of ElektroBIKE magazine, the FOCUS THRON PRO was awarded a Best Buy and a "Very Good" rating*. The THRON Pro full-suspension touring bike impresses in the test with its very long range, smartphone pairing with the Impulse Evo RS drive and good value for money.


"You can take long trail rides easily with the THRON E-MTB. The THRON is a full-suspension trail and touring bike with 120 mm suspension travel. "



Our Thron can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h – with European ECE approval.


Our shift-sensor recognises when you change gear and interrupts the power assist to ensure smooth shifting.


Our Impulse Evo RS motor with a torque of 80 Nm will see you through tricky situations effortlessly.

Tapered headtube

The tapered head tube increases the headset stiffness while also reducing the steering weight.

When speed is of the essence, the IMPULSE EVO RS Speed drive provides assistance up to a speed of 45 km/h.

Internal cable routing

The cables and hydraulic lines are routed inside the frame for protection, creating a neat look and extending the service life of the lines for perfect gear shifting and braking at all times.

An electronic drive usually reduces the assistance it provides as pressure on the pedals drops. If Climb Assist is activated, the assistance will be sustained for a moment to ensure constant uphill motion. Climb Assist can be activated from the handlebar, and the strength is individually adjustable.

Shift Sensor

The shift sensor integrated into the frame detects gear shifting operations and interrupts the drive's power assist for fractions of a second so that shifting is as quick and smooth as with aconventional bike.

Triple Butted Tube Design

Butted aluminium tubes are designed so that the walls are thicker at areas under more stress, with a constant external diameter. FOCUS aluminium tubes are triple-butted. This reduces the weight without impacting on the stability.

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