Full-suspension mountain bikes for 2017: Find your mountain bike!

A full-suspension mountain bike or a hardtail? Not such an easy choice, is it? That’s where you’re wrong! FOCUS helps you decide which full-suspension mountain bike is the right one for you.


When should you opt for a full-suspension mountain bike?

A full-suspension mountain bike gives you greater safety and comfort if you’re taking on demanding Alpine descents or lots of technical home trails. A full-suspension mountain bike relieves the strain on your body. What’s more, a full-suspension mountain bike also offers greater traction and reserves on your mountain bike adventures. How, you might ask? Well, due to its suspension, a full-suspension mountain bike’s rear wheel has better contact with the ground. The suspension compensates for any obstacles.

In short, the benefits of a full-suspension mountain bike primarily take effect when you ride over rough and rugged terrain.

Full-suspension mountain bikes have different suspension travels. Generally speaking, the more suspension travel, the rougher the terrain you can take on. 100 mm is mainly used for technically demanding cross-country races, while 120 mm is used for trail rides. 140 mm is the classic suspension travel of an all-mountain bike for Alpine tours; a 160 mm suspension, meanwhile, is used on endurance mountain bikes.


What are the special features of FOCUS full-sussers?

- The innovative F.O.L.D. (FOCUS OPTIMIZED LINKAGE DESIGN) suspension system at the rear triangle was developed to meet the highest demands. F.O.L.D. is optimised for the full-suspension mountain bike’s intended use. The F.O.L.D. suspension system is an integral part of both the full-suspension FOCUS O1E racing bike and the JAM all-mountain bike.

- The FACTORY models of our full-suspension mountain bikes are designed for special adventures. They are characterised by their coordinated choice of components, which our employees would like for their perfect experience. There are FACTORY models of the FOCUS SAM, JAM and VICE.

- The SQUARED EXPERIENCE pushes your mountain bike experience to the next level once again with an electric drive. The JAM² gives you the SQUARED EXPERIENCE on a full-suspension mountain bike.

- The DONNA features are characterised by women-specific contact points. You’ll find this component package on full-suspension mountain bikes in the SPINE product family.

FOCUS full-suspension mountain bikes for 2017