Onthe hunt for the ultimate riding experience, FOCUS developed and patented an entirely new suspension design. This technology has been optimized to deliver performance in the widest range of circumstances. We call this system the FOCUS OPTIMIZED LINKAGE DESIGN. F.O.L.D. embodies the ultimate rear suspension performance. Enabling ourengineers to optimize the linkage to a great variety of demands and to ensure the highest level of fun on any adventures.

Two Phases Travel Arrangement


The system’s travel is divided in two phases. Within the first phase of travel, the system works degressively for super sensitivity, thereby eliminating microbumps and generating immense grip. The second phase of the travel offers fine tuned progression for both plushness and feedback while still ensuring enough bottom-out resistance. So the rider is always in control of the bike.

To match this technology and to generate the ultimate riding performance we use only dedicated tuned shocks.

The Linkage


The Guidelink affects the rear end stiffness. Our engineers have worked on the balance between rigidity and forgiveness of the chassis.

The dimensioning of the Mainlink and Guidelink has been designed to form the ultimate combination of rear end stiffness and maximum grip even when riding through the deepest ruts and the roughest corners.

“F.O.L.D. embodies the perfect balance between rigidity and forgiveness.”

Centralised Mass

All suspension hardware is located in the frame’s center. The resulting low center of gravity enables superb handling that gives you extra confidence, especially on technical terrain and cornering.

The optimized centralised mass affects the riding dynamic as well as the great handling of the bike.



The core of the F.O.L.D. design is the one piece rear triangle, which results not only in massive weight savings but also significantly minimizes the unsprung weight.

All bearings are centralised in the main frame. As a result of that all suspension hardware is secure of mud-spray from the backwheel.


“F.O.L.D. enables a super low center of gravity – perfect for superb bike handling.”

Additional benefits

The FD-Mount on the BURRITO BRIDGE is an innovative feature for all who still want to run a 2by-setup. For all others – simply dismount it. A feature, which not only saves weight but also looks damn good.

The very compact and space saving F.O.L.D. system allows for mounting a 0,5 l bottle throughout all frame sizes.