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Test winner Raven Max

In the current "Mountainbike" magazine hardtail test, there was only one winner, and that was the Focus Raven Max. Not only was the Raven Max SL 29 awarded the magazine's highest rating of "Outstanding", it also secured the test win, earning an impressive 227 out of 250 points. "The Raven gives a totally relaxed ride and inspires complete confidence without ever feeling sluggish", in the words of test director André Schmidt.

"Bike" magazine gave an equally glowing verdict on the Focus Raven in its own hardtail test. The Raven Max team model achieved the top rating of "Super" from Bike's test team, who were especially taken by the "wicked frame geometry and clever details like the thru axle design".

So Europe's two leading bike magazines were in complete agreement that the Raven Max simply leaves the competition standing. "Mountainbike" magazine was especially impressed by the Raven's climbing performance: 

"The steeper it gets, the better it is. On gradients of 20 percent and above, ex-European Champion Florian Vogel's bike shows the rest of the field a clean pair of wheels. The steep seat tube angle and fantastic traction combine to power bike and biker up the climbs. On the descents the "glorious grip" never ends."

Verdict: Hats off! The Raven ticks all the boxes in style. It performs brilliantly and sure-footed on the descents, climbs sensationally, sports sensible components, and gives an extremely comfortable ride. A dream for racing and for sporty touring. Test winner.

You can read the full test reports in Bike 12/15 and Mountainbike 12/15.