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"The start of a new era" reads the title of an article in the French magazine VéloToutTerrain about the FOCUS SAM 1.0, which could not speak more highly of this "practically perfect bike". Giving it an exceptional 18.8/20, the magazine finds very little to criticise, but plenty to praise: "'Epic' is the best word to describe this bike. (…) What clear lines, what clean looks, what perfection, what features! (…) While simple, this attacking and aggressive bike makes you want to jump on it and tear through the nearest woods."

The SAM proved itself when put to the test in the Roc d’Azur, and the following qualities were singled out for praise in the article: "The bike combines strong braking performance, comfort and efficiency with optimal cornering. Plus, as the speed increases you feel like you're gliding along a rail. It looks good and the technology is modern but without the frippery and marketing gimmicks. To be quite clear about this, I found it P H E N O M E N A L!".