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Raven 29R 1.0 put to the test

MountainBIKE (12/2013) rated the Raven 29R 1.0 "Very Good"

In the MountainBIKE December issue, the testers put 18 hardtails ranging from € 4,999 - 6,999 through their paces, including the "[…] elegantly shaped […]" Raven 29R 1.0, which was ultimately rated "Very Good".

They were particularly impressed with the Raven 29R's "[…] easy and sure handling, which offered a great balance between agility and smoothness […]", making it ideal for everything from marathons and long, speedy bike tours to Transalp. And it would be just as easy to imagine it being used for cross-country cycling – after all, it was on this model that Markus Schulte-Lünzum brought home the U23 World Cup overall victory last season. As well as its excellent geometry, the range of "[…] extremely reliable […]" components saw this bike rate highly in the tests.

Verdict: "Mister Reliable! Technically advanced and well-balanced, the Raven will appeal to both marathon cyclists and tourers. While this bike is no lightweight, it is an excellent trail surfer."