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Mares AX 1.0 put to the test

RoadBike (11/2013) presents the Mares AX 1.0 in an individual test

In keeping with the season, the RoadBIKE November issue puts a range of cyclocross bikes through their paces in individual tests. This included the Mares AX 1.0, whose unusual paintwork caught the attention of the test editors from the off, as is clear from the first line of the article: "Opinions may diverge on the "candy design", but one thing is certain, the Mares AX 1.0 is going to catch everyone's eye!“

But it was not just the design in the style of the Rapha FOCUS cyclocross team that testers found appealing. They also praised the geometry ("optimum propulsion and impressive smooth running") and the features such as SRAM hydraulic disc brakes (Disc S-700) and high-grip Racing Ralph tyres from Schwalbe.

"If the design of the Mares [AX 1.0] is to your liking, you should get hold of this bike without hesitation."

Verdict: "Cool all-rounder for newcomers to cyclocross and ideal for winter training"; "Excellent brake system"