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Improved to the Max

TOUR (10/2013) presents the Izalco Max Team AG2R in an individual test

TOUR introduces the AG2R La Mondiale team's new equipment in its October issue: the Izalco MAX Team AG2R.

"Weighing in at 789 grams, the new frame in size 56 easily makes it into the exclusive club of frames below 800 grams. […] Not satisfied with this, the Izalco Max makes its presence known in the other measurable categories. Headset rigidity is 103 Nm per degree, and bottom bracket stiffness is also excellent, at 62 N/mm." But it was not only the frame that impressed the testers. They also pointed out the "[…] extremely light fork […]" and its attractive form: "[…] underneath a solid head, the sheaths narrow to the extent of being filigree like a steel fork."

But it was FOCUS' state-of-the-art engineering that the testers loved in particular: "You can't tell by looking but each size was individually designed. The tube diameters and thus the rigidity values vary depending on frame size. Large frames are more rigid and smaller frames slightly less so, which makes complete sense since small frames generally have lighter riders."

Conclusion: "Classic looks, modern technology: the new Izalco Max frame is one of the lightest yet most rigid frames in the world."