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Double victory in the ExtraEnergy test

ExtraEnergy names the FOCUS THRON IMPULSE SPEED test winner. The German testing institute ExtraEnergy put 16 different e-bikes through their paces in an extensive summer test. In the two categories "SPORT-ROAD PEDELEC" and "BUSINESS PEDELEC", an impressive 10 out of 10 was scored by the FOCUS THRON IMPULSE SPEED, making it the undisputed test winner. The bike impressed with its combination of sportiness and comfort.

The test results in detail:

Tour riding performance

Range: 58.1 km

Assistance factor: 1.73

Average speed: 32.4

Uphill riding performance

Range: 34.3 km

Assistance factor: 1.61

Average speed: 28.9

Urban riding performance

Range: 47.4 km

Assistance factor: 1.3

Average speed: 17.8

Ergonomics results (given in school grades)

Ride qualities with/without motor: 2.0/1.9 (roughly equivalent to A- in Great Britain)

Ease of use: 1.7

Ease of carrying (up and down steps): 2.4

Verdict: "The Thron flies across the tarmac safely and with full-suspension comfort. It impresses in both the Business Pedelec and Sport-Road Pedelec categories."

You can find the complete test in ElektroBIKE magazine, issue 2/2014