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A perfect run through the endurance test – the SAM 2.0

In the great endurance test of 2014 by Mountain Bike magazine, ten mountain bikes from different segments were subjected to a range of tough practical tests. The FOCUS Sam 2.0 proved its credentials as a bike suitable for any tour.

"But high praise goes to the bearing on the multi-articulated rear triangle. Not one of the bearings has any faults, and all of them demonstrate wonderfully smooth running. In short: Despite the high load, we saw the best condition of a full-suspension rear triangle ever in the long history of MB! This is down to the complex and no doubt expensively developed sealing and screwing method used on all of the bearings. It is highly recommended that others follow suit", praised the Mountain Bike editorial team.

Verdict by endurance tester Sascha Weber: "The Sam has proved itself to be a true Enduro thoroughbred. The faster the better. The fact that no faults occurred sweetens the deal even further in retrospect".


The complete test report can be found in the April 2015 edition of Mountain Bike.