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FOCUS brings the passion, performance and perfection of its German Engineered philosophy to the world of electric bikes. The purity of this ethos is maintained through developing frames and motive units in-house.This approach means FOCUS can control every aspect of its well-thought-out machines, without compromise.German Engineered sets a new standard in electric bikes.


  • New-school geometry
  • Intelligent frame technologies
  • High-quality components


Sporty biking without the hard work. How does that sound? With the E-MTBs from FOCUS, you can experience the fun of off-roading on difficult trails and breathtaking descents without being at the peak of fitness.

Bikes: Jarifa Impulse 27R, Thron Impulse, Jarifa Impulse 29R


  • Versatility
  • Ideal components for every day
  • Sporty geometries


Relaxed fitness training on trails and tracks is pure enjoyment. Especially with the powerful propulsion from a FOCUS E-CROSS bike, which ensures you always optimise your effort.

Bikes: Crater Lake Impulse, Crater Lake Xion


  • Ideal components for everyday
  • Fitness-oriented geometries
  • Comfort


On the daily commute or a holiday tour: With the FOCUS bikes in the E-TREKKING series, you can master long distances, any time, any place, with no stress or even breaking into a sweat. That‘s when cycling is real fun!

Bikes: Aventura Impulse