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Helen is Military World Champion!

Only a few days after her outstanding 4th Place at the World Championships in Pietermaritzburg, Helen jumped in the rainbow jersey at the World Championships of Military in Leopoldsburg (BE)! "After the long journey from South Africa that is a class action to win here in Belgium," said Helen very happy after the race.

Early on, Helen took off together with the German Lena Putz and the Slovenian Blaza Klemencic from the rest of the field, which henceforth dominated the race together. In the second of three laps to go, Helen drove an attack in the uphill that only Klemencic could follow. In a technical downhill section Helen then chose the more direct line, overtook Klemencic and drove the next attack. The Slovenian had to let go and fell back out of the medal ranks due to a technical problem early after. Lena Putz had to pass the French Sabrina Enoux who showed a strong race and finished in 3rd place, but Helen had her triumph safely in her own hands and raced to the title! - We would like to congratulate and we are very proud of you, Helen!