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Raven Rookie

Raven Rookie

A lifetime’s cycling begins with FOCUS. The independence, fun, fitness, and freedom of two wheels with the FOCUS guarantee of quality and excitement is open to children of all ages. Wheel sizes range from 12" to 26”. Start off with the best in German engineering for juniors.

Geometrie  *

Wielmaat (inch)  242626262626
Korte vorm  XSSMLXLXXL
Zitbuis (mm) A310360400450500550
Bovenbuis (mm) B537545555565575585
Stuurhoek (°) C70,0069,5070,5070,5070,5069,50
Zithoek (°) D69,9073,5074,0074,0074,0074,00
Lengte liggende achtervork (mm) E416430430430430430
BB-drop (bottom bracket drop) in mm F203838383838
Stuurbuis (mm) G105110120135150160
Inbouwlengte van vork (mm) H417460460460460480
Wielstand (mm) I404040404040
Wielbasis (mm) J98710451051106210731096
Stack K506559573587601627
Reach L352379391397403405
* The geometry can differ with in the models.