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Raven Rookie Run

Raven Rookie Run

A lifetime’s cycling begins with FOCUS. The independence, fun, fitness, and freedom of two wheels with the FOCUS guarantee of quality and excitement is open to children of all ages. Wheel sizes range from 12" to 26”. Start off with the best in German engineering for juniors.

Geometria  *

Dimensioni della bicicletta (pollici)  
Forma breve  
Tubo piantone (mm) A
Tubo orizzontale (mm) B
Angolo di sterzata (°) C
Angolo di seduta (°) D
Lunghezza foderi posteriori (mm) E
Abbassamento pedale (mm) F
Tubo sterzo (mm) G
Lunghezza montaggio forcella (mm) H
Offset (mm) I
Passo ruota (mm) J
Stack K
Reach L
* The geometry can differ with in the models.