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THE ULTIMATE DEMANDS!Our FOCUS XC team belongs to the world’s elite. With World Cham­pionships victories, national titles and World Cup successes, we do not rest on our laurels. Together with our athletes, we strive to create, develop and fine-tune technologies to make the RAVEN ever faster. The demands of the world’s toughest cross-country courses are where the RAVEN has to prove itself, where nothing but the best will suffice.

The XC Team motto "having fun and success together!" embodies the values that lie at the heart of the FOCUS success story, and it applies to all riders of FOCUS bikes.

With a roster of seven top riders from five countries, the FOCUS XC Team is truly international.

Markus Schulte-Lünzum, multiple Mountain Bike World Cup winner, and also winner of the German Cyclocross Championships, has already made his mark in the world of the XC professionals.

At every race in the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, throughout Europe and Canada, the XC team on their FOCUS bikes are always amongst the leaders. Likewise at the two-day events in the prestigious MTB Bundesliga, Germany's national mountain bike series.

The XC Team's first choice for these fiercely competitive and demanding races is the FOCUS Raven 29R. The 29R with carbon frame is the perfect machine – lightweight, aggressive and fast as a bullet.

The team also chooses FOCUS for training. All-important fitness and technique are perfected on the FOCUS Cayo Evo racing bike and the Mares CX cyclocross bike with carbon frame. The high demands made by the XC team lead to developments which FOCUS incorporates into the best bikes for riders like you.