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Please complete the following form in full. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail. This must be saved carefully and, in the case of a guarantee claim, presented to the specialist dealer together with the FOCUS bike. This is the only way for us to process your guarantee claim.

  • To activate your 6-year frame warranty, you must register your model, complete with all the required details, here online within 8 weeks of the date of purchase
  • You will then receive a confirmation email which you must retain


    Kontaktfelder EN


    Please use the official FOCUS model name.
    The article number can be found on a small sticker underneath the bottom bracket. This number is always made up of 9 digits and, with the 2015 models for example, always begins with 620 ...

    Please note the following information: Unfortunately, we are only able to offer a 6-year warranty in those countries where we sell our bikes directly. For more information on the warranty and the statutory warranty in your country, please contact the importer or a local specialist dealer. These can be found using our dealer search function.