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The win in the ExtraEnergy is awarded to the THRON IMPULSE PREMIUM

The German specialist magazine ElektroBIKE (01/2014) was able to get a first impression of FOCUS's innovation, the THRON IMPULSE PREMIUM. The new E-mountain bike from FOCUS, with assistance provided by the Impulse 2.0 Off-Road centre motor, scored 10 out of 10, finishing first in a field of 10 bikes from different manufacturers in the "SPORT OFFROAD PEDELEC" category. The win confirms that the THRON IMPULSE PREMIUM has the best overall package of frame design and drive.

The test results in detail:

Tour riding performance

Range: 99.5 km
Assistance factor: 1.25
Average speed: 26.8


Uphill riding performance

Range: 42.4 km
Assistance factor: 1.19
Average speed: 23.3


Urban riding performance

Range: 54.1 km
Assistance factor: 1.13
Average speed: 17.0

Ergonomics results (given in school grades)

Ride qualities with/without motor: 2.2/2.2 (roughly equivalent to B+/A- in Great Britain)
Ease of use: 2.1 (roughly equivalent to B+/A- in Great Britain)
Ease of carrying (up and down steps): 3.0 (roughly equivalent to C in Great Britain)

Verdict: "Made by mountain bikers to be ridden by mountain bikers, the Thron combines a modern 27.5-inch bike with a powerful centre motor. It tears through the trees with speed and agility and is right at home on the trails. And the bike holds out for a very long time; almost 100 km on the tour, a distance no other E-mountain bike tested got even close to. Focus wins on its all-round merits."