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Izalco MAX 0.0 put to the test

TOUR (12/2013) tested the Izalco MAX 0.0 with outstanding results

The German TOUR magazine tested 8 high-end racing bikes with frames under 800 g, including the new flagship product of the FOCUS racing bike portfolio – the Izalco MAX 0.0.

With an impressive 1.3 rating for its frame set, the Izalco MAX easily outshone products from other major brands and was the best frame set tested overall. The overall weight of the test bike was 5.4 kg (frame height 56) and was only beaten by the Cervélo RCA (5.2 kg). "Against the backdrop of some very major competition, this achievement is an absolute sensation for the new Izalco MAX from FOCUS. With an outstanding 1.3 rating, the brand new design was awarded best frame set in the test – and was deemed one of the best we have ever tested. And we would like to point out that this mark is awarded for the overall performance of the frame set, not just for being the most lightweight. The bike brand from Cloppenburg was also able to seal its victory in the frame set stakes thanks to its outstanding fork, which delivers great suspension while providing excellent lateral stiffness and being ultra lightweight." 

The following shows an overview of the frame set ratings:

  • Cannondale SuperSix Evo Black Inc. – 1.7
  • Cervélo RCa – 1.7
  • Corratec Mauro Sannino Prima – 1.6
  • FOCUS Izalco MAX – 1.3
  • Neil Pryde Bura SL – 1.8
  • Pasculli Altissimo – 1.7
  • Simplon Pavo 3 Ultra – 1.8
  • Trek Madone 7.9 H1 -2.0


"The first test of the bike in TOUR 09/2013 shows just how far FOCUS have come with the Izalco MAX. However, considered in isolation, it is still surprising that the test showed the frame set to be technically superior to the competition. [...] The ultra lightweight fork (293 g) which delivers lateral stiffness and noticeably good suspension is the masterpiece here. […]" The fact that this "masterpiece" is more affordable than the majority of bikes in this weight class is backed by the fact that the Izalco MAX 0.0 is the least expensive complete bike under 6 kg and the third cheapest bike in the overall test field.

The closing sentence of the review says it all: "a fantastic bike!"

TOUR verdict:

"High-flyer in the lab and on the road. One of the best frames on the market. Super fork. Wide range of sizes."