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Exceeds Expectations!

The French magazine Velovert tested our FOCUS SAM Carbon Team. The specialist magazine was particularly impressed by the FOCUS SAM's rigidity, weight, workmanship and all-round qualities. Its final assessment score was 16.5 points out of 20: "When ridden flat out the SAM Carbon shows its huge potential. It even copes with more enthusiastic riding styles without a hitch," continued the magazine.

"The SAM exceeds previous expectations placed on race-category enduros. Even if it is a bike for all riders, it literally transforms into a racing machine when ridden flat out."

Verdict: The Focus is a high-quality enduro bike which is sure to delight a wide range of riders. As an all-rounder it is every bit as good to ride in the mountains as in the Specialized Enduro Series. This is a reliable bike that has proved its worth in our tests.

The complete test report can be found in issue no. 283 of VELOVERT.