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Editors' Choice!

British Singletrack magazine has picked the FOCUS SAM as the best bike of the year in Editors’ Choice. Editor Barney was overwhelmed by the FOCUS SAM C Team and said: “… the SAM is FUN ... It’s a 160mm monsterbike, hewn from purest carbon, with a 160mm Pike at one end and a Monarch Plus at the other.

He rode it on one of the most preposterously gnarly trails he has ever ridden - with a lot of very, very techy parts. “... and the SAM took it all totally in its stride. Swallowed the technical stuff , flew on the faster stuff. Air was not the prime consideration, but on occasion, it was attained nevertheless.

Verdict: 65° head angle, and 75° seat angle, long reach; all the right noises for a modernbike – but the great thing is that Focus has remembered to bring thefun. It felt poppy, lively, and other words which don’t normally goalongside 160mm obstacle swallowers like this. An ace piece of kit.

Full Editors’ Choice in Singletrack issue 102.