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Helen celebrates her first worldcup victory!

On the 27th April Helen Grobert - FOCUS XC Team - had a perfect day and finally achived her well-deserved worldcup victory in Cairns, Australia.Main competitor Jenny Rissveds was able to secure the lead at the start and gain quite a few seconds on the opening lap. However, Helen stayed focused and managed to catch up to her in the first rise. By the end of the second round, both rode together, leading the field, when the decision took place in a technical climb. Helen was first in the slope and quickly realized that Rissveds had difficulties to follow - she took her advantage and pulled through!With 6 seconds ahead she went into the third round and later in the race she was able to extend the lead to 43 seconds. Enough padding to cover the last round for safety and to enjoy her first World Cup victory!

Congratulations to this strong performance in Down Under!