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RoadBIKE (1/2014) crowns the Izalco MAX 0.0 the winner in the luxury class test

RoadBIKE's test in its January issue shows that FOCUS is currently managing to both surprise and impress the test editors of cycling magazines with the Izalco MAX. The line-up is studded with the very best of the current offering in the road bike market, as you might expect of a test confined to road bikes with a frame weight of less than 800 grams. Only 6 manufacturers qualified – among them FOCUS.

The fact that FOCUS held its own in this illustrious circle is obviously a surprise to the RoadBIKE testers: "No-one was really expecting the Izalco MAX 0.0 to perform as it did head-to-head with the best bikes in the world, with FOCUS coming out on top of the luxury class!" It scored 86 points and was rated "Outstanding".

One feature the testers loved about the Izalco MAX 0.0 was the balance between rigidity and comfort. And the weigh-in reveals just how great a job the FOCUS engineers and product managers have done: at an insane 5.46 kilograms (frame height 56), the Izalco MAX 0.0 is the lightest bike with the lightest wheelset (DT Swiss Dicut RRC 32T) of all the candidates. But the newly developed Izalco MAX frameset not only looks good on paper. "After just a few metres on the road, it's clear that this is built for speed." "The handling is agile, but control is always good, while the tracking is exemplary in all scenarios."

The testers' highlights:

  • lightest bike in the line-up
  • lightest wheelset of all candidates
  • high headset rigidity
  • perfectly tuned handling 

Verdict: The Izalco Max 0.0 won us over with its impressive mix of high rigidity, low weight, perceptible suspension comfort and fantastic ride characteristics. Overall, this means: Focus wins the test!